Wines by the Glass

Domestic Red Wines


$15, $58 per Bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon | Paso Robles | Structured &
Harmonious | currant, black cherry, cedar, & eucalyptus |
delicious as a cocktail wine or paired with steak, lamb, and mushrooms

DAOU “Pessimist”

$15, $58 per Bottle

Red Blend | Paso Robles| Luscious &
Strong | blue and red fruit, purple flowers, vanilla, and buttered
toast | pairs well with grilled meats and pasta with red sauce

Frank Family Vineyards

$32, $120 per Bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon | Napa Valley |
Sumptuous & Seductive | black cherry, cocoa, hazelnut, baked
plums, and cloves | pairs well with steak, short ribs, portobello
mushrooms, and lamb

Kiona Vineyards

$16, $62 per Bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon | Red Mountain |
Powerful & Opulent | plum, blackberry, cedar, nutmeg, and black
pepper | pairs with braised red meat like lamb and beef, as well as pork
and veal

Kiona Vineyards

$16, $62 per Bottle

Merlot | Red Mountain | Elegant & Complex
| black cherry, spiced plum, baking spices, and violet| pairs well
with tomato based dishes, Italian entrées, red meat, and poultry

Nickel & Nickel C. C. Ranch

$47, $180 per Bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon | Napa
Valley| Approachable & Mouthwatering | plum, ripe raspberry,
with floral aromatics | delicious alone or pairs well with grilled red
meat such as steak or lamb

Domestic White Wines & Sparkling Wines



Sparkling | Brut | Napa Valley | Relaxed & Elegant |
citrus, red apple, stone fruit, & vanilla spice | pairs with crab,
salmon, green salads, chicken, and vegetables | 187mL

Cakebread Cellars

$16, $60 per Bottle

Sauvignon Blanc | Napa Valley | Zesty &
Bright | citrus and tropical fruits with bright acidity and a flinty
vein of minerality| stands up well to shrimp, crab, and vegetable


$18, $75 per Bottle

Reserve Chardonnay | Paso Robles| Buttery & Lush |
full-bodied with tropical fruit, grapefruit, peach, apricot, butter,
and vanilla notes | pairs exceptionally with rich seafood such as
scallops and crab; or with buttery sauces such as scampi, fettuccine
alfredo, or dishes prepared with a piccata sauce


$14, $52 per Bottle

Chardonnay | Sonoma County| Full-Bodied &
Delightful | citrus, peach, orange blossom, vanilla, and graham
cracker | pairs well with butter and cream sauces, basil, & nuts

Italian Red Wines

Castiglion del Bosco “Gauggiole”

$16, $60 per Bottle

Rosso di Montalcino DOC |
Sangiovese | Toscana | Young & Refreshing | red fruit, citrus, &
violet | extremely food-friendly; great summer wine

Frescobaldi CastelGiocondo

$34, $130 per Bottle

Brunello di Montalcino DOCG |
Sangiovese | Toscana | wild cherry, red berries, orange peel, and
violet with fine-grained tannins and bright acidity | a wine built
for food; pairs beautifully with Bolognese sauce, lasagna, and red meats


$11, $40 per Bottle

Nero d’Avola | Sicilia | Rich & Structured | currant,
wild strawberries, and pomegranate | pairs well with risotto, cheese
pastas, eggplant, and lamb


$11, $40 per Bottle

Pinot Noir | Sicilia | Delicate & Fruity |
blackberries, wild strawberries, cherries, and spice | pairs well
with pasta with meat sauce, red meat, and cheeses

Tenuta di Nozzole

$14, $52 per Bottle

Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG | Toscana |
macerated cherries & fresh fruit with soft tannins| pairs well with
steak, red sauces, olive oil, and beans

Tenuta Guado al Tasso “Il Bruciato”

$20, $75 per Bottle

Toscana| Super-Tuscan|
Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, & Petit
Verdot | dark fresh fruit, spices, and tobacco | pairs exceptionally
well with wild boar, short ribs, and other rich braised dishes

Villa Medoro

$11, $42 per Bottle

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC | Abruzzo | Tre
Bicchieri Award Winner| no oak; bright red and black cherry
with smooth tannins, leather, and spice | pair with red sauce,
sausage, and bolognese sauce


$35, $135 per Bottle

Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG Classico | Intense &
Ethereal | bay leaf & cured cherries | pairs well with braised beef
short ribs, wild boar, venison, and steak

Italian White, Rosé, and Sparkling Wines

Agricola Punica Samas

$13, $50 per Bottle

80% Vermentino, 20% Chardonnay |
Sardinia | Aromatic & Flavorful | papaya and mango with
undertones of lemon, lime, and melon | enjoy with pasta & shellfish


$11, $42 per Bottle

Rosé of Sangiovese| Toscana | Dry, Elegant, & Fruity
| fresh flowers, apple, currants, & sour cherry | pairs well with
fresh tomatoes, grilled seafood, poultry, and veal

Marchesi Incisa “Felice”

$12, $46 per Bottle

Moscato d’Asti DOCG | Piemonte |
elegantly sweet with light effervescence; light and clean finish;
notes of peaches, white flowers, grapefruit, and sage | perfect to
start or end the meal; delicious as an aperitif or with dessert

Rosa Regale


Brachetto d’ Acqui | Piemonte | Unique & Festive
| sparkling sweet red wine with strawberry, raspberry, and rose |
delicious aperitif or pairs well with spicy foods, pork, bitter greens,
cheese, desserts, and chocolate | 187mL


$11, $42 per Bottle

Chardonnay | Sicilia | Tart & Fresh | slightly
ripened peach & pear with notes of yellow flowers | enjoy with
antipasti, shellfish, and fried appetizers

Val d’Oca

$11, $40 per Bottle

Prosecco DOC | Crisp & Sparkling | bright citrus,
white stone fruits, apple, and wild flowers with a soft finish | ideal
aperitif; pair with pasta or fresh seafood

Venica & Venica “Jesera”

$13, $50 per Bottle

Pinot Grigio DOC Collio | Skin-Contact Wine | brilliant copper color, notes of white flowers,
ginger, pink pepper, pear, and apple | pairs especially well with
charcuterie, grilled fish, and risotto

Villa Sparina

$12, $44 per Bottle

Cortese | Gavi del Comune di Gavi DOCG| Full
and Rich yet Mineral and Refreshing | dried pineapple, peach,
and white flowers | perfect with fish and vegetarian dishes

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