New World Red Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon

Clos Pegase “Hommage”


Napa Valley | 100% Cabernet
Sauvignon | lightly toasted oak and vanilla with luscious black
cherry, blackberry, and cocoa; soft acidity and bold tannins | pair
with steak, lamb, and braised meats such as osso buco



Paso Robles | currant, black cherry, cedar, &
eucalyptus | delicious as a cocktail wine or paired with steak, lamb,
and mushrooms

Frank Family Vineyards


Napa Valley | black cherry, cocoa,
hazelnut, baked plums, and cloves | pairs well with steak, short ribs,
portobello mushrooms, and lamb

Kiona Vineyards


Red Mountain | plum, blackberry, cedar,
nutmeg, and black pepper | pairs with braised red meat like lamb and
beef, as well as pork and veal

Nickel & Nickel C. C. Ranch


Napa Valley | plum, ripe
raspberry, with floral aromatics | delicious alone or pairs well with
grilled red meat such as steak or lamb

California Red Blends

DAOU “Pessimist”


Paso Robles | blue and red fruit, purple
flowers, vanilla, and buttered toast | pairs well with grilled meats
and pasta with red sauce


Kiona Vineyards


Red Mountain | black cherry, spiced plum,
baking spices, and violet| pairs well with tomato based dishes, Italian
entrées, red meat, and poultry



Napa Valley | lush red fruit and spice with a soft,
silky texture| very versatile: wonderful as a cocktail wine or paired
with beef or lamb; fabulous with mushrooms

Petite Sirah

Robert Biale Vineyards “Royal Punishers”


Napa Valley | medium-bodied with soft tannins and bright acidity; red plum,
quince, violets, figs, molasses, and blackberry | pair with red meat,
game, blue cheese such as gorgonzola, eggplant, and mushrooms

Pinot Noir

Sean Minor


Sonoma County | medium-bodied; wild
strawberries, bright cherries, and a hint of oak | goes well with
everything; exceptional with lasagna

St. Francis


Sonoma County | juicy and medium-bodied with
hints of cherry cola, raspberry, clove, and licorice | pairs
exceptionally well with the rollatini and other eggplant dishes


St. Francis “Old Vines”


Sonoma County | raspberries,
blackberry, and cranberry with anise and cinnamon | pairs well
with sausage and other bold flavors

St. Francis Reserve Zinfandel


Sonoma County | dark, crushed
berries, melted chocolate, and baking spices | delicious with braised
meat and rich sauces such as short ribs

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