Our Story

As a child growing up in Sicily, it was Gaetano Palmeri’s dream to own a restaurant in the United States.

Gaetano started his first job at age 10 delivering bread and pastries to local Italian bars (equivalent of cafés and coffee shops) before school. At age 14, he worked as a bar back at an Italian bar, and then at age 16, he left home to live in Genoa and work in the Italian Riviera. His lust for travel brought him to be the Captains Assistant on merchant and immigrant cruises in the 1960’s, eventually working for Sitmar Cruise Lines in the 1970’s.While working on the cruise ships, he traveled the world and met Rory, a passenger who would later become his wife. Gaetano and Rory started a life together in Los Angeles in the late 70’s.

He worked at one of the most prestigious Italian restaurants in Beverly Hills, and, after surveying the scenery, Gaetano decided to open up “Gaetano’s Ristorante” in Calabasas, CA in 1981. The first restaurant had 6 tables. Over the years, Gaetano expanded the original restaurant to 180 seats. It was a popular hangout for many celebrities.

Gaetano sold the original restaurant in 2001. In 2002, he opened up Gaetano’s Ristorante here in Henderson, NV. We were the first fine dining restaurant in this area of Henderson. Gaetano and Rory, and their three sons: Michael, Danny, and Nick helped open the restaurant. Sadly, Gaetano passed away in August, 2019. Now the restaurant has been passed down to his youngest son, Nick, who intends to continue the tradition of great Italian food in Henderson.

At Gaetano’s, we love our customers and educating people in real Italian cuisine.

The Team

Meet the Team


Nick Palmeri


Second generation Restaurateur, Amaro and vermouth enthusiast. Nick Palmeri is a Certified Spirits Expert and former member of the United States Bartending Guild Las Vegas chapter.

sarah palmeri


A life long wine lover, Sarah Palmeri has achieved a level 3 WSET Wine Certification and also Spirits Expert Certification.



Chef Jose has been with the Gaetano family since 2016, becoming Executive Chef in early 2020. Chef Jose’s attention to detail, consistency, and quality of work in the kitchen has helped Gaetano’s become Henderson’s top Italian restaurant.